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January 09, 2009



That's serious pharmacy issues...hope they end the crud!

How about "Miss Gobble"..."Miss Tessa Gobble" that is. She just looks like a "Tessa" - proud, but a little frantic at the same time. And what's with her lack of eye makeup?


I just invision a Tom at the bottom of the yard gobbling "Stella" at teh top of his lungs...don't know why.

Then again, a Sophie is a character in the books I am reading...that could work as well.

A guy turky would obviously be named Sir Thomas Von Turklenburg...goes without saying really. That or Ned...

Aunt Patty

Whats up with the steroid shot??? Im sorry you are not feeling well....I think you need to make yourself a hot toddy- swear it will clear you up and make you feel all warm and toasty at the same time and the buzz is nice too!
1 tbsp honey
3/4 glass tea
2 shots Brandy
1 slice lemon

Hope you feel better!

your sistah

Aunt Patty

I think we should name her Sinead O'Connor- remember her?? Or not??


Your Sistah

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